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MP3 chip, lighting MP3 electronic board, power amplifier integrated, audio decoder, support infrared remote control

Product Description: 1, 5V normal power supply, two chips, flash + cpu independent. With display, output left and right channels, without amplifier, need external power amplifier, and support infrared remote control; 2, USB playback, support for external TF card playback, four buttons, reserved (prev/vol-, next/vol+, Usb/sd card switching, p/p, eq sound, line, playback mode, etc.) can determine the required functions according to user requirements; 3, compatibility, stability; support MP3 all sampling frequency (8kHz to 48kHz); support high Code rate


1、5V正常供电,两颗芯片,flash + cpu 独立。带显示屏,输出左右声道,不带功放,需外接功放机,另支持红外遥控;


3、兼容性、稳定性强;支持MP3全部采样频率(8kHz to 48kHz);支持高码率(32kbps to 320kbps, );

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