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Processing Method of LED Bluetooth Audio without Sound

2019-08-01 14:14:34

1. Check whether the Bluetooth driver is installed correctly. On my computer, right-click "Processing" and then "Device Processing" and then click "Universal Serial Bus Control". If there is a small yellow exclamation mark in front of it, it means that the driver is not correct, please download the correct driver on the official website or actively download it with the driver wizard.

2. Acknowledging that the driver is correct, right-click the "Select" tab at the small speaker in the lower right corner of the computer to select the "Select" broadcasting equipment, and you will see the now connected broadcasting equipment.

3. Choose "Bluetooth headset" and click "click below" as the default value in the broadcasting preparation, then click OK.

4. Place your mouse on the small speaker in the lower right corner. You will see that the speaker (bluetooth) appears on the small speaker at this time: 100% of the sound is now output to the earphone.

5. Open a voice file at will for testing, and then admit that it is correct.

Processing Bluetooth Headset Connection Successful but No Sound

Matters needing attention

It is necessary to admit whether the drive is correct or not. If the drive is not correct, the method will be successful.

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