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Solution to silence of LED Bluetooth audio

2019-08-01 14:10:25

More and more people are using speakers, and they will encounter more and more problems in the process of using speakers. If one day your stereo goes silent, you will feel as if you have lost something valuable. Why the sound is not sound, why the sound is not sound, then look at this before your professional sound is not broken in case you need it from time to time.

I. Silence

1. Break of speaker wiring or abnormal frequency divider

When the connection of the speaker is broken, the speaker unit fails to encourage the voltage, which will cause silence. Frequency divider is generally not easy to break, but it may cause lead joint de-welding, frequency dividing capacitor short circuit and other defects.

2. Voice coil break

If the resistance value is Weld a piece of enameled wire near the voice coil.

3. Break of loudspeaker lead

Due to the frequent oscillation of loudspeaker paper basin, the weaving wire is easy to break, sometimes the wire has been broken, but the cotton core wire still adheres to the connection. This kind of weaving thread is not easy to buy and can be replaced by a slightly longer flexible wire.

4. Coil Burning

Measuring loudspeaker leads with Multimeter R * 1 gear indicates that the voice coil is burned if the resistance is close to 0_and there is no "click" sound. Before replacing the voice coil, the debris in the magnetic gap should be cleared first, then the new voice coil should be carefully put into the magnetic gap, and the voice coil should be corrected. While listening, the upper and lower position of the voice coil should be fixed with strong glue. After the voice coil is placed in the best position, the gap between the voice coil and the paper basin should be filled up to about half with strong glue. Finally, the dust cover should be sealed and the speaker paper basin should be oriented. It can be used normally after one day.

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