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Differences between Traditional Audio and Bluetooth Audio

2019-08-01 14:09:04

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere in digital shopping malls all over the country. Bluetooth speaker - as a new favorite of the audio profession, will naturally be valued by major manufacturers, and will inevitably be recognized by customers. Throughout several scientific and technological revolutions, a new type of high-tech product will surely change the way of life of each generation. Every scientific and technological revolution has undoubtedly changed the strength of the world, and new high-tech products that can change the way of human life contain unlimited business opportunities. At the Mobile Internet Conference, Ma Huateng and Lei Jun also revealed the tremendous business opportunities that will change our way of life in the future - Mobile Internet products. They all acknowledged that as long as the problem that smartphones or tablets can not handle is the future mainstream professional competition market, mobile means wireless. The future is the era of wireless digitalization. Wireless is to get rid of the troubles of wires and be free at any time, anywhere.

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular. But there is a problem that all mobile phone manufacturers and notebook computer brands can't deal with now. This is the problem of sound quality. Customers can't satisfy their auditory enjoyment of music by listening to music on their mobile phones. However, the traditional plug-in speakers are clumsy and inconvenient to carry, which makes it impossible for customers to get a better experience. Therefore, previous customers can only use headphones to replace them temporarily. According to medical judgment, long-term use of earphones to listen to music, not only ear fatigue, high decibel sound close to the ear will have a certain impact on hearing. Therefore, we urgently need a portable and high-quality speaker product to replace the headphones for our hearing damage. This leads to a wireless product based on Bluetooth technology - Bluetooth speaker. It is certain that wireless Bluetooth speakers will replace traditional wired speakers in the future.

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